Island Dolphin Care, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, is a magical place where dolphin therapy brings children with special needs, children at risk, wounded veterans and their families joy and the discovery of new abilities. Parents and participants reclaim hope, shed stress and find inspiration through activities centered around dolphin human therapy.  Some like to call it a “joy factory,” and we couldn’t agree more.

The Rabell Creative team first learned about Island Dolphin Care (IDC) while working remotely in Key Largo, Florida, and was moved by the beautiful “Turning Point” video, highlighted above.

Many are inspired to hear the story of IDC’s tenacious founder, Deena Hoagland, and how she has worked tirelessly to share with others the same gift given to her family by their favorite dolphin, Fonzie.

Team Rabell is honored to have the opportunity to work with the wonderful team at IDC to help tell their compelling stories — both the story of why they exist and the stories of the families who walk through their doors each week with hope and leave with hearts full of joy.

Island Dolphin Care Key Largo FL

“Have you ever tried to teach your grandmother to use a smart phone? Frustrated?  When they say ‘I don’t understand?’

Well, I was feeling frustrated, inept & unwilling to find the time to learn this new language.  But without social media, our organization was losing opportunities to reach the audience we need to attract clients and donors.

I was fortunate enough to meet E.J. & Laura, the creative Rabell team!

After a few brainstorming sessions, our organization is in the social media game.  They created a social media plan & provided suggestions for making our website friendlier.

Patiently, E.J. & Laura tutored us in order to put the plan they created into action.  They continue to provide the support needed to keep it going and to be successful.

Now that we are combining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram, with just a few posts we are soaring to a ‘reach’ of 14,000 – the audience has found us!

Can’t do much better than that…

E.J. & Laura’s excitement for their work, their willingness & patience make working with them rewarding, easy & fun!”

– Deena Hoagland, Executive Director, Island Dolphin Care