Yeshua Restoration Ministries, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Syracuse, New York, captured our hearts with their extremely powerful mission of helping and serving the NorthSide community of Syracuse.

Our goal for this project was to bring to life their powerful narrative in digital format.

The Vinciguerra family moved back to the NorthSide community in 2007 to help their neighbors, mostly immigrants from more than 11 countries around the world and speaking as many as 8 different languages. Their family resides in a historic home currently being renovated, a compelling metaphor for their ministry which aims to revitalize the neighborhood plagued by illegal street activities.

The website contains no stock photography; all of the images are true to the neighborhood and picture actual residents who the ministry has served or continues to serve.

Animated charts and graphs illustrate the demographics of the community and highlight the importance of the ministry’s great work. The site also features a donation form that allows supporters to choose monthly recurring gifts or one-time donations.


“The Rabell’s were recommended to us when our Board of Directors encouraged us to expand the capacity of Yeshua Restoration Ministries by creating a website. The Rabell’s provided the technical ability and project management experience to bring our vision to reality; their dedication and determination helped provide the results we desired.”

– Anne Vinciguerra,
Yeshua Restoration Ministries