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Web Design

In this digital age, a professional web site is the number one marketing tool most businesses need to educate potential customers about their brand, products and services. Any business without an up-to-date, polished and mobile-friendly web site is missing opportunities to tell their story and connect with potential and existing customers. Worse, any business with a website that gives a negative first impression could be losing customers to competitors.

We help translate each client’s unique values, mission, vision and goals into a thoughtfully crafted website to serve as the focal point of their online presence.  We walk each client through our proprietary, process-driven workflow, designed to produce the best possible finished product.  As a boutique firm, we do everything within our power to tailor our approach to best meet the needs of our clients, working within their preferred timeframes.

Basic site pricing starts at $3,000 and increases with the addition of any advanced features required.  eCommerce websites vary in price depending on the type and number of products for sale but typically cost $4,000 – $8,000.

A Straight & Simple Path

Sometimes tacking a website design or redesign can feel overwhelming.  We guide clients through the process using proprietary tools to help everyone stay in communication and feel in control.  Collaboratively, we assist clients in writing and editing their web site content if needed, sometimes even tackling the first draft if appropriate.  We do everything we can to put the burden of project success on our own shoulders, so clients can feel at ease.

Premium Themes Included Standard

No one wants a basic, boring web site.  Yet few can afford a site built from scratch by a large agency team of coders and designers.  We deliver the best of both worlds by using professional premium WordPress themes – an affordable way to achieve the functionality of a modern and professional web site without the expense and hassle of building from scratch.  Once we choose a theme to meet the site’s goals, we will customize it with the company logo, colors, and other content.  Themes can also be customized a great deal with advanced code implementations.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

So much of each web site’s search engine ranking (the order in which Google displays search results) depends on the behind-the-scenes information pulled from a web site’s structure and code.  We don’t take shortcuts and implement best practices for SEO on every site we build.  In general, SEO is not a one-time event and takes ongoing maintenance, but it’s important to start from the solid foundation of a well-built web site.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are increasingly ubiquitous, so every new web site we build is mobile and tablet friendly.  We don’t charge extra for this very important feature like some other companies.

Daily Web Site Backup

When you choose Rabell Creative for Web Hosting, your web site and all of its contents will be automatically backed up daily.  Backups are kept for up to 30 days.  With 99.9% guaranteed uptime, you will never have to worry about rebooting your server after every thunderstorm.

Long-Term Partners

Clients tell us they want a lasting partnership with a reliable web design and marketing company they can trust on an ongoing basis.  When we complete web site projects for clients, we aim to stay in touch and serve as a marketing & business development resource in the long-term.

Social Media

Why It’s Important.  Social Media is the new imperative for small businesses.  Like any new technology, the emergence of social media brings with it a surge of opportunity that is often best recognized by the early adopters.  Each network has a user base of varying demographics and serves a unique purpose.  Google has even started factoring in the number of social media followers into its algorithms that determine search rankings.

Setup.  As a part of a web design package or as a stand-alone service, Rabell Creative assists organizations in creating professional social media profiles to represent their brand.  We can help with everything from username selection, profile completion, graphic design and more.  We also ensure that each profile is set up to boost the organization’s SEO and web site traffic strategies by including keywords and links back to their web site.

Consulting.  Although the business world is buzzing about the potential of social media, many business owners can’t help but look at their profile pages and think, “now what?”  Rabell Creative helps organizations make the most of their social media presence by assisting in prioritization, goal-setting and content brainstorming.  We offer training on the latest tools and strategies to help social media managers make the most of their time and post with confidence.

Publication Design

With prices starting at only $89 per page, Rabell Creative can help you achieve a professional magazine, newsletter, catalogue, corporate brochure or other marketing publication to meet your organization’s needs.

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Digital Marketing

As the world spends increasing amounts of time plugged into the Internet and electronic devices, less attention is focused on traditional media such as newspapers, radio, magazines, and the yellow pages.  So where should a savvy marketer choose to spend their marketing dollars?

Rabell Creative helps organizations understand where their target market spends time online and craft a plan to reach that audience with targeted ads.  Most digital advertising platforms allow the creation of custom “not to exceed” budgets, so campaigns never go over budget.

We begin by determining the greatest areas of opportunity for each client based on their existing strategies, target market, goals and budget.  Afterwards, we execute, measure results and repeat, aiming to refine our efforts over time to increase conversion.

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